calendar 2018

A law firm needed individual fulfillment and mailing of 10,000 calendars and planners.

A law firm client of ours needed to mail over 10,000 calendars and planners. The direct mail marketing project required individual fulfillment and mailing.

The project called for manual packaging of the calendars. The client also wanted to hand the project over to a company with their mailing list and trust that everything would be processed correctly.

Each calendar had to be packed individually. CMS ordered and supplied the boxes for the mailing. We also wanted to make sure our client’s mail list was as accurate as possible to avoid delays and overpayments. It was imperative that the calendars and planners got to where they were supposed to be going the first time. The client’s mail list was run against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database to ensure all addresses were correct. We updated the list as needed. Address labels were then printed and affixed to the packages. All 10,000 packages were pre-sorted before they were mailed through the USPS.

The client could turn the project over to CMS without worry. And by pre-sorting the mail, we were able to provide postage discounts to the client. Instead of a project that could have been a real headache for the client, CMS was able to process the mailing easily. And by following all the right steps – which included NCOA and pre-sorting in this case – we were able to save our client time and money.