Consolidating Your Mail

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Think about it. It’s that time of the year when companies are gearing up for a marketing push to get customers in the door before the end of the year. By combining your mail with others, you reap the benefits! Complete Mailing Services (CMS) is a global logistics and distribution provider and a mail house, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. With our Domestic Presort service, we can save you both time and money.

You may have thought that shipping is shipping and postage is postage – it’s all the same, wherever you go. Right? How could CMS possibly be less expensive? But it’s true. One of the major reasons why it’s true is because we commingle mailings. For example, we might have 5 companies that are mailing at the same time. By commingling the mail from each company, you get reduced rates because of the volume.

What type of mail qualifies for this service? Our Domestic Presort service is the cost-efficient distribution of first class mail and marketing mail, including marketing materials, advertisements, information kits, booklets, catalogs, newsletters, billing statements and invoices.

Can you trust CMS to get the job done? Absolutely. We prepare the mail onsite with experienced postal experts. We do so in strict compliance with all the rules and regulations set by the USPS.® And you get an added layer of security because we have an onsite USPS Detached Mail Unit (DMU). We’re not transporting your mail off site – instead, the mail is accepted by the DMU verifier and loaded into the awaiting USPS onsite trailers. So we get the job done quickly and securely.

We make it easy. We are experts in shipping services committed to providing value to our customers. We work with you to schedule at your convenience. And we can handle complicated processes.

More information? Contact us today at 718-238-2919. We’ll provide a quote or answer any questions.

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