We treat YOUR mail and packages as if they were OURS. You can expect an entirely new level of customer service when you work with CMS. We get to know your business and anticipate your needs. And we are always available to answer questions or respond to new requests.

Our solutions are customized to fit the needs of your company. We listen carefully to your requirements and perform the work accurately the first time. And we are very adaptable – you tell us what works with your schedule and we’ll be there.

Please take a look at the shipping services below. Learn more by selecting each service.

USPS Domestic Presort

Consolidate your mail to save time and money.

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International Mail & Shipping

Global delivery solutions made easy and affordable.

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Expedited Mail & Parcel Service

Fast and flexible at deep discounts.

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Move Update

USPS® Approved & Certified – reduce undeliverable mail and save money.

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Certified Mail®

Patented and fully electronic process in partnership with the USPS.

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Handling critical projects accurately from start to finish.

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Messenger & Trucking

Safe and fast delivery of all your critical items.

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Event Logistics & Planning

Comprehensive solutions for all your business needs.

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Facilities Management

Outsource services tailored to your needs.

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