Expedited Mail & Parcel Service is our latest advancement. With expedited delivery service, your flat mail, bound and printed materials and parcels, are delivered fast – at a substantial discount. Most customers save between 15% and 20%!


our information sheet on Expedited Mail & Parcel Service.

Innovative Approach

We use state-of-the-art processes to consolidate your mail with the mail of other clients. This process maximizes both savings and speed.

Flexible Solutions

We work very closely with you. We evaluate your needs and provide tailored solutions that work with your schedule and your requirements. Our team is determined to make sure that you get the best rates as well as the fastest delivery times.

Industry Expertise

When speed and reliability are of the utmost importance, expedited solutions work well. This service is the reason why so many different companies rely on CMS – from medical offices to healthcare companies; from insurance to financial firms; from retail stores to e-retail outlets; from cosmetics companies to marketing firms – we provide one of the fastest and most reliable services in the area.