We provide safe and fast delivery to wherever it’s needed. Whether your delivery is in the NY Tri-State area, or anywhere in the U.S., we provide prompt and secure hand delivery.

Messenger & Trucking Services include:

  • On-Demand Center. Immediate delivery at your request.
  • Scheduled Service. Pre-determined times based upon your needs.
  • Facilities Messenger Centers. Highly efficient on-site messenger centers providing 100% of your messenger needs.

Flexible Service

CMS offers deliver of all types of materials. We also provide LTL (Less Than Truckload) delivery to and from the post office.

Secure Delivery

As your package moves through the system, we track it. We can provide proof of delivery so you know your materials have arrived safely.

Superior Customer Service

Our on-site dispatch team is ready to take your call, answer questions and schedule a pick-up. Placing orders is simple. Delivery is easy when you work with us.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been partnering with businesses for over 50 years. We have experience solving every type of mailing, shipping and delivery problems. We’ve got you covered.