Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Psychologists tell us there’s a certain amount of comfort that comes from instant gratification. And now, your customers can know what that’s like!

Complete Mailing Services introduces ShipLogx!

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Tailored To Your Needs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a well-established business or a newer start-up, ShipLogx can take care of your fulfillment needs. Nor does it matter what site you use to sell your own goods. offers eCommerce Order Fulfillment tailored to your specific needs.

Subscription Boxes

We understand how your customers look forward to their monthly delivery! They expect their package to be delivered as precisely as previous months and at the same time each month. If this sounds like your customers, ShipLogx can make sure they’re never disappointed!

Retail Store or eCommerce site

Your customers demand a buy online option. And that means super quick delivery too. We take care of all your orders. We are precise, timely and efficient. And we’re passionate about customer satisfaction. ShipLogx has you covered.

Multi-channel eCommerce

So many platforms. . .so little time! If you need fulfillment and shipping from multiple sites – we’re your answer to stress-free customer satisfaction. We’ll get it done, on time, and with the right products in the right package.

Crowd Funding Orders

Running a successful crowd funding campaign is critical. Your investors chose to believe in you – you can’t let them down. Our mission is to impress your investors and we’ll make sure it happens!