This is a patented and fully electronic process in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service.® The benefits of CMS’ Certified Mail service include:

  • Reliability – We are an approved licensed vendor of the US Postal Service®.
  • Assurance – You get a patented electronic return receipt.
  • Ease – Our state of the art online program is virtual, no installation is required.
  • Risk free – there are no start-up costs and no hidden fees.
  • Online tracking – with proof of delivery for 10+ years.
  • Peace of mind – we provide legal proof of entry into the mail stream.
  • Unlimited support and training – at no extra charge.


our information sheet on Certified Mail.

Cost Savings

Instead of the green card that you used to get when sending certified mail, the electronic return receipt reduces postage and eliminates labor costs associated with sending and tracking the physical receipt. This improved process also makes it easier to obtain refunds for undelivered mail.

Increased Security & Control

Manage your certified Mail® through a single and secure web portal. You can easily access reports and track real time progress and delivery. This service will increase your confidence in Certified Mail® – while saving you time and money.