CMS provides international mail and shipping solutions that are easy and affordable.

Secure Priority Service

Our international mail service is designed for even the most personal correspondence. Materials are routed in the fastest, most reliable way by working through both USPS® services and direct entry into foreign postal administrations.

International Mail & Shipping services include:

  • International Priority Airmail (IPA). Ideal for personalized communication and first-class transits.
  • International Surface Airlift (ISAL). Maintain U.S. return addresses while accessing a more economical service.
  • Canada Direct Services. Localize your Canadian material and ensure the fastest delivery times and economical processing through our full range of services.


our information sheet on International Mail & Shipping.

Economy Service

An economical and reliable service is available for heavier weight items that do not require rapid or time sensitive transit.

Superior Support

Our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry results in superior customer service for our clients. We listen carefully and follow specifications perfectly. And if there are any changes to your mailing, we are always available to respond to your needs.