9 Ways To Retain High-Value Customers


As more and more business is conducted online, finding ways to retain customers is crucial. This article discusses 9 ways a company can improve on the shopping experience of its customers.

If we weren’t spoiled before, we sure are now! Our shopping experience has changed dramatically in the last decade. When we want something, we want it now. And it better be easy to order and properly delivered. E-Commerce is all about the experience.

As consumers, we want flexibility. We want to have choices; we want competitive pricing and we want service that’s impeccable. In Texas alone, there are over 5000 Shopify stores. With that kind of competition, your service better stand out!

Here are NINE tips for delivering premier customer service and retaining high-value customers.

  1. You need to be everywhere! OK, that’s a tall order. But think about it. You’re looking through Facebook and see a product that looks interesting. Right then and there, some people are clicking the Facebook ad, going to the website and ordering. This is why omni-channel marketing is on the rise. Wherever your customers are – you need to be there too.
  2. Be responsive. A customer goes to your website, views the product and then has questions. Do you have a way for them to contact you immediately? A live chat. A 1-800 number. Here are some top applications that deliver a live chat and allow third-party interactions:
    1. Drift. Delivers personalized customer experiences to help close the digital gap.
    2. eGain Superchat. Received a top score in the 2021 Garner capabilities report.
    3. HappyFox Chat. Provides real-time, in-app chat support to mobile app customers.
    4. Salesforce Service Cloud. Online experience from web, to mobile to social apps.
    5. SnapEngage. Allows a secure chat, text chat, chatbots and social media integration.
    6. Zendesk. A fully customizable chat with live reporting.
  3. Be secure – but make it easy. Have you ever backed out of a site because too much information was required? It’s not uncommon. People often fill a cart, start the process to check out, and then quit when the buying process became unbearable.
  4. Know what’s in the warehouse at all times. Your customer finds the product they want, only to find out in the ordering process that it’s on back order. Your inventory system must be precise. Make sure your shipping partner has a verification system that works.
  5. Tailor the experience to the consumer. Personalization is everywhere. We see ads for the shoes we were looking at yesterday. We get in the car and the map directs us straight to the gym. We are accustomed to being fed information relative to our desires, habits, location, etc. Find a way to tailor the shopping experience for your customers.
  6. Reduce frustration by eliminating redundancies. When we contact customer service to solve a problem, it’s extremely frustrating if we have to repeat the entire story multiple times. Some consumers just opt-out. Any customer service person you encounter should know where you’ve been and what you’re looking for – without repetition. And make it even easier by having an easy-to-remember email address.
  7. Your delivered product must be impeccable. One of the biggest reasons customers reach out for support involves shipping. Questions about timing and tracking are frequent. And the appearance of the delivery is important. The item shipped should be in a properly sized package. Oddly-shaped or bulky items must be carefully packed. Your customers should get exactly what they ordered. Talk with your shipper. Can you have a one-on-one conversation with them? Can you visit them to verify the packaging? Or can you meet with them to discuss a particular problem? If not, you need a new shipper!
  8. Pump up your self-service options. Your customer might want to shop late at night. Or maybe they want to make comparisons. Whatever you can do to make it easy for the customer, do it! Your self-help resources can help customers find their own solution. That might mean providing more specifications. Or creating a worthwhile FAQ document. If customers are asking the same questions, provide the answer online! There are third-party solutions that can transform your Q&A into a fully functional online knowledge base.
  9. Consider product reviews as important as your customer. If a customer takes the time to leave a review, leave a response. Your customer deserves your attention. When the review is good, acknowledge it and thank the customer. If it’s bad, apologize and find out more information. Most consumers read reviews before purchasing. A customer will judge your service and your company by your response.

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