June 28th, 2021

International Shipping? Here Are New Fees Effective July 1

Brexit. It’s been in the news now for more than a year. It’s one of the reasons why there’s a big change coming for any online business that ships to EU recipients. The change is a VAT increase, which is a value-added tax that is imposed on any goods shipped internationally. For some time now, … Continue reading “International Shipping? Here Are New Fees Effective July 1”

June 28th, 2021

Increased Surcharges Greatly Effect Small Businesses

As a result of the considerable increase in shipping during COVID, FedEx increased pricing and UPS imposed surcharges on certain international shipments. The expectation is that these increases will create more capacity in their various networks. The increases, which are sure to be felt by small businesses in particular, are noted below. FedEx Peak Surcharge … Continue reading “Increased Surcharges Greatly Effect Small Businesses”

April 13th, 2021

International Distribution Too Costly? Think Again.

You’ve read it in the news – the opportunity for business overseas. You’ve probably considered opening up your business to international purchases. But then, after some research, you said, “No way, it’s too expensive.” Cutting off your prospects. The truth is that not taking advantage of overseas orders is leaving your business short. It’s like … Continue reading “International Distribution Too Costly? Think Again.”

August 10th, 2020

How a Global Logistics Company Can Help Keep Costs Down

Perhaps you’ve been shipping in house for years, and now that option is not available. Or maybe it’s just harder to process your mail at your location. An experienced logistics company can work with you to ensure greater success. Really, it’s all about automation and perfect coordination. If your company is lucky enough to be … Continue reading “How a Global Logistics Company Can Help Keep Costs Down”

June 24th, 2020

International Shipping? Delivery Service? Brooklyn or New York?

It’s time to get moving and bring in business for 2020! While Covid has slowed the economy, it’s time to plan for more revenue production in 2020! And we can help. CMS is Open! We’re fully operational for all your needs, whether that means international shipping, locally delivery service or mailings throughout the U.S. We’re … Continue reading “International Shipping? Delivery Service? Brooklyn or New York?”