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bulk mail

Customers often judge a company on the mail received. Like it or not, what your mail looks like when it arrives at its destination is important. Have you noticed sometimes that you get mail – after the fact? Notices of sales, important events, timed specials – they are often past the due date when they are received by customers. Even if it’s not quite past due date, often it arrives with little time left to make a decision.

It’s frustrating for your customers. Bulk mail or not, enough time and effort should be put into a mailing to have it arrive on time.

The condition of your mailing is also important. Depending on what’s included in your mailing, the envelope or parcel should be the right size – big enough to protect the documents you’re mailing and firm enough to protect them from a rough ride to their destination.

Need Tracking? No problem. We have various services that will track delivery. In the event a package doesn’t arrive as expected, we can provide info that allows your customers to see where it is and when it will arrive. If you are not tracking your shipments, your customer will not be happy.

Make A Good Impression. Sometimes the state of the shipment when it arrives can turn a customer around. A nicely packed box, with some thank you notice inside, can often win a customer over – even if the shipment is late. On the other hand, a package that arrives in poor condition and without any confirmation inside, gives your customer another impression. Chances are, they’ll not order again.

CMS can help. We’ve been in business for over 5 decades. We’ve mailed and shipped pretty much everything. We know how to package contents. We know what will be best received by your customers – no matter where they are! Leave the guesswork out of it and consult our experienced representatives. We’ll get it right and make sure your mail arrives on a timely basis. Give us a call at 718-238-2919.

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