New Postal Rates – Plan Your 2020 Budget


This past month, the U. S. Postal Service announced new rate increases for 2020. According to USPS, mailing service prices increase almost 2% while shipping price increases vary according to the service used. Priority Mail Express, for example, increases 3.5% and Priority Mail increases about 4.1% on average.

What’s Next? With increases in mailing costs, businesses should consider a complete review of their mailing practices and costs. CMS will consult with any business, present client or not, to fully review mailing and shipping costs. While savings vary depending on the current mailing practices, it’s not uncommon for businesses to enjoy a savings once a thorough review is completed – even with the rising costs.

How Are Savings Achieved? CMS has been in the logistics business for 50 years now. Our workforce remains quite stable, which adds to our expertise in the field. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and can often suggest ways that they can save both time and money.  We handle large volumes of mail so our partners give us postage and shipping discounts which we are able to pass along to our clients.

Move Update. CMS can also reduce undeliverable mail with a technology called Move Update. This service allows us to correct addresses before the mail is distributed. This is an especially critical feature for companies, particularly in the financial field, who must follow SEC guidelines.

How Else Can We Help? We don’t just save on domestic, presorted mail. We can also provide savings on international mail, a better plan for certified mail, savings on shipping costs and even additional help with fulfillment or event planning.

Give Us A Call. We’d love to have a discussion on your mailing and shipping priorities. Chances are, we can help you avoid additional costs in 2020. Give us a call at 718-238-2919.

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