Fulfillment – Handling the Details, Start to Finish


The frequency of electronic marketing has led to more noise in that space, which consequently has resulted in perhaps more effective direct mail marketing – when it’s done right. But when we talk about direct mail marketing, there is a very important aspect of this process that is known as direct mail fulfillment.

Direct mail fulfillment involves all the details that can take a lot of time and man power. Perhaps it’s one reason companies pay little attention to fulfillment. But think about it – the right database, nicely addressed envelopes – maybe a little larger than anticipated, with materials that are collated in the order intended and gathered together in a perfectly packaged envelope – may make all the difference in the world.

CMS can handle all the details for you. We check each step – and then we recheck it. Here is a list of all the fulfillment services we offer. LEARN MORE.

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