International Mail Tips

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If your company sends mail and packages internationally, here are a few tips.

1) Mailing Letters. The most convenient and efficient way to mail letters anywhere in the world is to use the  First-Class Mail Global Forever Stamp. By using this stamp, you eliminate the need for separate pricing and make it easier to send mail overseas.

2) Documentation. Be sure the label and shipping information is complete. The addressee’s full legal name, defined as first name, middle initial (if applicable) and last name must be used on all international mail. In addition, the complete address information must appear on the piece.

3) Mailing items subject to custom duty. USPS must fully comply with Government agency regulations. These regulations require anyone sending international mail shipments of items subject to custom duty to include electronic information on these shipments. Give us a call to help you prepare the information. We have the specifications and details from the USPS to assist you. This regulation is for any item that is dutiable (other than paper), and has a retail value requiring an electronic manifest in addition to a customs label.

CMS focuses on helping our customers. And we can make it easier for you. Give us a call. We’ll help you understand how these postal regulations will affect your bottom-line. And we’ll assist you in fulfilling all international mailing requirements. You can reach the experts by calling CMS at 718-439-1143.