It’s All About The Experience


You hear the word “Experience” thrown into the conversation quite a bit nowadays. The experience you have when you purchase a vacation. . . the experience consumers are looking for at their local mall. . . the experience new gym goers are looking for. The truth is, the most successful companies deliver an experience.

No matter what you sell, or what you are shipping to your customers and prospects, the delivery experience is indeed part of the experience. How is it shipped? Is it in the right size box? Does it require special handling? What does the product look like when it does get to the customer? And can you rely on the timeframe of the delivery?

Businesses must consider these questions and more when they are shipping product to a customer. How it gets there, what it looks like when it gets there and whether it’s on time or not has a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Taking all these variables into consideration, and then determining how much time it will take you to fulfill your mailings can be a challenge.

As a business owner, purchasing manager, operations officer or marketing manager, it’s your responsibility to identify challenges in the delivery process and come up with a solution. It’s a waste of valuable time if your marketing department has come up with a brilliant campaign – sure to attract the attention of your prospects – only to have it fall flat on delivery!

It’s also a waste of time if the deliveries don’t make it to their destination in time for the special event! Whether transactions are ordered through ecommerce, or if you’re planning a special event or introducing a new line of products, making sure your fulfillment plans are coordinated and efficient is important.

These challenges are why many customers turn to CMS for efficient, knowledgeable shipping solutions. CMS answers your questions, finds the right package, knows the most cost-effective delivery solution and manages it all for you in a seamless, productive manner.

Take a minute to read below about the problem a marketing agency had when designing a campaign for schools.

If you’re responsible for fulfillment within your company or organization, give CMS a call at 718-238-2919. Let’s discuss your project!

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