Planning for the Holidays

holiday mail

Hard to believe, but the holidays are just around the corner. This year, your holiday mailings deserve a little extra attention. With staffing troubles that may crop up due to Covid, slower mail delivery both domestically and internationally, and being that there will be more mail this year due to the election, we urge everyone to plan early.

First, there’s the budget. The more you plan, the easier it is to save money. Knowing when to mail, what you are going to mail, how to package your mailing and how far in advance you should plan on mailing – all affect the budget. Last minute purchases and rush planning usually mean more expense.

Mailing size and destination. The next consideration is the size of your mailing list and where your mailing will be distributed. Whether your mailing includes international addresses or not, planning for the holidays will help to ensure on time delivery at the best pricing. And depending on your database list, the mailing may take a little longer to put together. It helps to have a discussion with our mailing experts as you begin to plan your holiday mailings. We can help you set timelines that will result in best pricing and efficiencies.

Overnight shipping? OK, not all shipping can be done overnight – especially around the holidays. With preparation however, we can plan on the best method for delivering your mail – making it possible for your mailing to be completed and delivered on time to your customers.

Do you need to track shipments? We can help you with that – just make sure we know tracking is needed.

Plan for packing. That might be a given, but depending on what you are mailing, make sure you add time for packing, inserting, collating, purchasing the right box, etc. Again, you want to take advantage of the best times to mail, so planning ahead allows your logistics partner to make sure all supplies are on hand.

Last minute mailings may not arrive on time. You don’t want your mailings to get to their destinations after the holidays. The weather, and the abundance of mail, often affect timeframes. Planning ahead can keep you from stressing out and allow your mailing to arrive on time – and in good condition.

How can CMS help? We are your go-to company when it comes to mailings – especially when it comes to holiday mailings – as well as shipping and fulfillment. Whether you’re mailing or shipping domestically or internationally, we can route your materials the fastest, and most reliable way, so they get to their destination on time! We are very particular about organization – so we fulfill your package exactly as you see fit. It’s why we’ve been in the business for 50 years and the reason our customers count on us for shipping and mailing again and again! Give us a call at 718-238-2919 and let’s talk about your holiday plans.

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