Planning Your Next Tradeshow


Spring and Summer are big seasons for tradeshows. As your next conference or tradeshow approaches, there are various questions you’ll want to ask yourself, and options to consider. Here are some tips for planning the show, designing the booth layout, gathering materials and shipping all items.

Make a Plan. The more time you have to plan your tradeshow event, the easier it is to organize. It’s also likely that the more organized you are, the less you are going to pay for any of the services you need. Here are a few questions/options to consider.

  • Decide what display will be shipped to the tradeshow.
  • Is your signage sufficient, or do you need to order any signs?
  • Do you need electricity during the show for a computer or monitor?

Design the Booth Layout. How large is your space? From which direction will most of the traffic to your booth generate? Create a floor plan for how your space will be displayed that takes advantage of that traffic. Do you need an area where people can sit and discuss needs? Where will you place any marketing materials?

Gathering Materials. Take yourself through the entire setup and display process to know what items you’ll need to ship. Make a list of marketing materials you’ll need to promote each product or service. Be sure to include the business cards of anyone whose name might come up in conversation.

Create a Timeline. Know when your display and materials need to be at the destination. Then work back. How long does your printer need to create materials? What about any signs you are ordering – when will they be ready? Are there any repairs that need to be made to the display? As you plan, set a completion date for each action item.

Shipping? Talk to CMS. When it comes to shipping your materials, there are common carriers, air freight options, van lines and courier services. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of various transportation options can be time consuming. We’re the experts in tradeshow shipping. Check out the shipping services on our website. We make it easy – let us help you make the most efficient choice for shipping and mailing to your next event. Our website provides information on some of the tradeshow services we offer.

For immediate and personal service, give us a call at 718-238-2919 for all your tradeshow needs.

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