Re-Thinking The Business Environment

remote work

Over the past 5 years, working remotely has increased by 44%. And in the past 10 years, telework, or remote work has increased a healthy 91%. Clearly, remote work is trending upwards.

Why is remote work growing? While there are many reasons why working from home is an attractive option, the most common benefit cited by the work force is flexibility. And there are benefits to the employers too. Many employees thrive when given more freedom to choose working hours and location. The company often experiences an increased morale and an increase in productivity. And those benefits result even for just partial remote work options.

COVID-19 brings even more changes. With the necessity of working from home, businesses that had not previously explored the option of remote work find themselves in the midst of the new environment. Now, instead of going to the office, we work from home. Sometimes the change requires a few adjustments, using video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings, for example.

Now however, as we consider lifting restrictions, businesses are rethinking the office environment and how to protect their employees. Is there a way to promote even more effective remote working protocols? How do companies keep their employees safe and ensure adequate spacing requirements? This article provides suggestions on what business should consider when looking at the future of the office environment.

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