What’s Up With Certified Mail?

certified mail

Why certified mail? If your company regularly uses certified mail, it’s probably because it is mandated as a requirement for doing business. Certified Mail provides evidence that certain documents were mailed and received. It serves a critical legal service. In today’s digital world, it’s still a largely manual process. But it no longer has to be that way.

Complete digital tracking. CMS can now take your Certified Mail to another level. Working in partnership with USPS, our Certified Mail service provides an electronic return receipt. No more manual “green cards” to keep track of. The process provided by CMS also includes online tracking. And not only recent tracking but tracking that provides proof of delivery for up to ten years. Now that’s tracking that your legal department will love!

It’s simple. CMS’ Certified Mail service is easy too. There’s no software to install. Instead, it’s all virtual. There is no startup cost and support and training are unlimited – at no extra charge. That’s because the system is easy to use.

Increased security. If your company uses Certified Mail, you know how important safety, security and tracking are to you. With our system, you can access reports and track real-time progress. And all of these capabilities end up saving you time and money. Interested? Give us a call at 718-238-2919 and ask for our Certified Mail Expert – or learn more on our website.

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