Who Is Your Audience?

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Knowing your target market. Do you sometimes get mail from a company you’ve used before and wonder, “Who are they talking to?” Sometimes it sounds like they are writing in a foreign language. And you wonder if they have any idea what your business is all about!

Business should be personal. It can also be frustrating to talk with these companies. You end up explaining your business and the type of services you need over and over again. Maybe you even have a different sales person every time you get on the phone with them!

The interesting thing about these types of companies is that they like to talk about themselves! And they use industry lingo – making it even more difficult for you to understand what they do.

We get to know each customer. CMS has made it easier for you. We’ve designed our website and created industry information sheets based on the industries we serve. We know our customers – we design solutions for them every day. So we’ve combined the services most used by each industry and explained the benefits in these web pages and on Industry information sheets. Take a look and see if your industry page includes a solution designed for your business.