Your Mailings Are Eagerly Anticipated!

It’s true. In this age of emails and internet advertising, direct mail is often preferred by your customers. When you think about it, it’s not hard to realize why that’s the case. When we read information online, we’re often distracted by videos, pop-up ads and banners. And the truth is, when we’re online, there are probably a million thoughts going on in our heads!

Our patience runs thin too. Chances are, if you’re online, you’re probably multi-tasking. Which means you skim over the content and read only part of the message. You’re impatient.

Reading takes time. Research shows that reading our mail has become a leisure activity. We take the mail, sit down on the sofa, and browse through the contents. Direct mail is especially effective if you’re selling a luxury item – jewelry, vacations, clothing, furniture – these items seem more tangible if the marketing comes in the form of a mail piece.

Businesses we trust. There is also the trust factor represented by direct mail. It seems as though people are more likely to trust companies who send mail. Direct marketing sends a message of security and longevity.

Business to Business? Even if your direct marketing piece is B2B, your message is more likely to be read and understood. Think about how many emails an executive receives on a daily basis. It’s more likely that the email will be deleted and the direct mail pieces will get read.

Make the most of your direct mail package. To increase the effectiveness of your direct mail, try using different shapes, sizes or colors. Anything that stands out in the mail has the advantage. And be sure to include a call-to-action. What do you want the reader to do? Visit your website? Give you a call? Use your coupon? Be sure to state it in the mailing.

Reinforce Your Message. Get the most out of your direct mail by reinforcing the message on your website, in your social media channels, and yes, even in your email. Your marketing will be much more effective.

CMS can help plan your mailings. We’re happy to schedule pick-up of materials, we can fulfill the mailing to your specifications, and sort the addresses for USPS delivery. Give us a call at 718-238-2919.

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